From left to right: Adele, Cristiano Ronaldo, Samuel L. Jackson, Bradley Cooper, Mary J. Blige, Brad Pitt, Lana Del Rey, Anthony Hopkins & Robert Downey Jnr.

Asked by a waiter if Robert Downey Jr would like a glass of wine with dinner, he said “I’d love to, but I have plans for Christmas” 😂

These are just a couple of our favourite celebs who have had the courage to “drop the bottle” completely and opt for a life of sobriety, mostly related to coming out of some form of alcohol addiction. All of them are now adamant they are better versions of themselves for removing alcohol from their lives.

Reducing or abstaining from alcohol is one of the fastest growing wellness trends globally, now also known as ‘Sober Curious’, 'Mindful Drinking' or ‘Dry Drinkers’. This is due to the long list of associated health benefits, and it is also rapidly becoming socially acceptable to not drink, especially amongst millennials and health-junkies. 

Zero Drinks is by no means an anti-alcohol campaigner, we think alcohol can be consumed in moderation as part of a balanced lifestyle. There are however many good reasons to skip an alcoholic drink. Our mission is to offer worthy alternatives for any & every occasion when a non-alcoholic drink simply would be the better choice for your physical, emotional & mental health.


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