Yep! On the Product Pages we include detailed information about a brand, a description of the drink and list its ingredients. We do our best to document this as accurately as we can, but we are reliant on the content the brands make available to us. Zero Drinks will also add a bit of commentary from our Tasting Panel to giving our thoughts & opinions on a drink. To see a Product Page for a drink, simply click on any product or it’s description and it will open up.

Nope… We think alcohol can be consumed in moderation in a balanced lifestyle. There are however many good reasons to skip an alcoholic drink and we want to offer worthy alternatives for any & every occasion when a non-alcoholic drink simply would be the better choice for your physical, emotional & mental health.

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The Zero Drinks warehouse is based in central JoBurg and we ship our orders out from there, so delivery timelines will vary based on your location.

The following delivery times apply: 

* 1-3 workdays - delivery to all major centres

* 3-5 workdays - delivery to all regional areas

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If an order has been paid for and you have received an order confirmation email, then it has been finalised. Unfortunately the address can’t be changed and it will be delivered as per the process and timelines showing under Deliveries.

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The drink contains 0.5% or less Alcohol by Volume (ABV). Non-alcoholic drinks generally undergo some form of fermentation; however, the alcohol content is kept at 0.5% or lower by either halting the fermentation process early or removing any excess alcohol through a process known as de-alcoholising.

Anything that can ferment produces alcohol as it ripens and will therefore contain some alcohol. For example, a ripe banana can contain up to 0.5% alcohol. Alcohol (ethanol) is also naturally created within the human body as part of the digestive process.


De-alcoholised drinks are fermented, but have the alcohol removed prior to being bottled usually through a vacuum and/or spinning cone process winemakers use. De-alcoholised drinks generally have a similar depth and complexity of taste that fermented (brewed) drinks have, yet with only a small trace of alcohol remaining. 


The drink contains zero (0.0) ABV. Alcohol-free drinks are produced without any form of fermentation. Fermentation is the process in which sugar or starch is broken down and converted into alcohol or an acid. 


In short, no. In theory 10x 0.5% ABV drinks (non-alcoholic) would equal a 1x 5.0% ABV drink (alcoholic). So, even if you were really enthusiastic and drank a whole bunch of non-alcoholic drinks, your body would process the tiny bit of alcohol in them faster than they can have an effect on you. 


In principle yes, as some food and juices contain a similar (tiny) amount of alcohol in them. Note however the general consensus amongst experts is that no alcohol is safe if you are pregnant. To play it safe you could opt for 0.0% ABV drinks of which we have a nice variety available across beers, distilled spirits, premium sparkling & non-sparkling grape juices. But as always, should you have any concerns or questions regarding this, rather be cautious and consult your medical practitioner first for advice. 

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