The Dry January challenge - What do you drink when you’re not drinking?

Dry January spilled across from UK, Europe & US in recent years and it is gaining momentum as a global trend to abstain or reduce alcohol consumption for the month of January. There are numerous well-documented physical, mental & emotional benefits to “dropping the bottle” for a while and taking some time out to re-evaluate our relationship with alcohol.

A key success factor to Dry January is having healthy, great tasting non-alcoholic alternatives to replace those ‘go-to’ alcoholic drinks. This is often a challenge with a limited range of non-alcoholic drinks readily available in supermarkets & liquor stores. However, has revolutionised this space and created SA’s most comprehensive & accessible offer of healthy Non-Alcoholic drinks across Beer, Cider, Wine, Sparkling Wines, Gins & Spirits, Tonics & Mixers, Sodas & Natural Spring Water. 

Things have moved on considerably over the past few years and the advancements in brewing, distilling and de-alcoholising have resulted in Zero Drinks’ unique and sophisticated offer of non-alcoholic drinks that solve the predicament "What to Drink when you are not Drinking”, getting you through Dry January and beyond, on less alcohol...


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